Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Longhorn Pics....

Well here is a pic of the new girls, with their halters on they are currently being halter trained, that way when they get older they will be easy to handle, dont have any names picked for their registered names yet or names for them also.... have no clue what to name them.....any ideas......?

Below is the little bull calf Duke we bottle you can see he was looking for more feed and got stuck in the bucket.....but it didnt scare him....he just stood what do i do now???? Laughed so hard seeing him just stand there.. 

Here is a more current picture of DD. Her horns have really grown ALOT!!!!

Here is a current pic of Phantom....she is filling out nice also....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Well i decided to post on this blog again. I miss just being able to write anything down somewhere....Lots of Changes at our house, slowly getting the remodeling done...yipee!!!....and i mean S L O W L Y!!!! :o) We no longer have our goats. After my daisy passed away, i decided to get rid of them all. And it has been sooo much easier not to worry about them all the time. My bottle baby calf, Duke is doing well, and growing...he is so sweet!! Since we no longer have the goats, well i just cant have an empty we bought us two registered longhorn heifers..... they are soo gentle, will eat out of your hand. Their names are DD and Phantom. The man we bought them from in Centerville had named them already. We have had them about 3 months now i guess, their horns have grown alot, and they are adjusting well. :o)

This is Phantom, I think she is soo pretty.....she is more tame than the other one, the other one has a little more spunk in her...

This is DD, or Double dip is her registered name, she is my favorite out of the two, of course i would choose the spunky one...  ;o)

Well thats that for now, just thought i would write on here a bit. Let people know i am still out here...            
I am getting two more heifers this week, a solid red one and a black one.  Ill post some pics when we get them here.  Bye yall!!!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Havent felt like messing with this blog since grandaddy passed. Just dont know what to say or think about it. But I was takin care of my little bottle baby and i just started laughin thinkin if i could have told him about this little baby im feedin, i could just hear him say "oh my goodness"
I know he would like my lil baby, we named him Duke, he is a 4wk old BullCalf. Cutest thing!!! Ill try to get some pics up

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Shocking" Experience

Busy week almost behind me..Thank Goodness!!! Had TONS of labs drawn... 2 MRI's....and today...well it was the last of the tests for now. Had an EMG done, and let me just say...i was terribly worried about the needle in the muscle part, but that was NOT the worst part. The shocks they give you...the Dr said, it will feel like touching a "little doggie fence" well the first ones were ok, then it went downhill from there...IT WAS AWFUL!!!!!!! Friend and I wanted to ask him what kind of dog are you keeping in that fence? Cause it wasnt like any hot wire fence I've ever touched.... 10 times worse. And he saved the biggest and worse one for last. It jolted me BAD. Think I came off the table some. My friend that went with me said she was waiting for my fist to go flying..Dont think it didnt cross my mind!!! Whew...I was sooo glad it was over with!!
Now, the waiting begins....hopefully they will figure out what is wrong!

Blah Blog!!!!

Havent written on this this for a few....too busy!!! We had our pastures baled this last weekend...VERY HOT!! Got 181 bales for the winter. BUT, thing is, there was only Carl and I to haul them...toooo much for me....HOT & DUSTY... Poor carl loaded most of them, cause i drove and picked up too...not so fun!!! SORE SORE SORE!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Thoughts for Thursday.....

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.”
~Anthony Brandt

My thoughts for Thursday…
I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately. When I was younger, playing with cousins….a lot of fun times, and mischievous ones too… Sooo many good times with them… (Love yall!!!) Makes me sad that we haven’t kept in touch, but there is always time to change that. Maybe things will change. Been thinking about who we have lost, on my mom’s side of the family…first my granny dorris…which was an enormous one for me personally…I loved her like no body’s business…then we lost my granddaddy dorris…another devastation… they were such good people….then my uncle (mom’s brother) tragically left us. That just really hit too close to home. I feel really sad for my mom she has NO family left of her original family.. :o(

Then we lost both my husbands parents with in 3 months of each other. Very shocking about them, and devastating. I truly thought of them as another set of parents.. they welcomed me into their family with open arms…Guess current situations make you rethink about things and start making you think of people more. I just miss everyone we still have and everyone we have lost. Well that was kinda a dreary post, sorry bout that…Oh well, that’s what these things are for right?????? Have a good Thursday.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Visit with Grandparents...

Had a good visit with Mama Jeanne and Grandaddy today,sooo worried bout him, so sad to see him not feeling well, and poor Mama Jeanne is soo worn out, but despite it all we had a really nice visit today. Managed to get him to smile at us a few times for some pics (probably laughing at the camera man...hehehe carl) We will cherish them forever!