Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Longhorn Pics....

Well here is a pic of the new girls, with their halters on they are currently being halter trained, that way when they get older they will be easy to handle, dont have any names picked for their registered names yet or names for them also.... have no clue what to name them.....any ideas......?

Below is the little bull calf Duke we bottle you can see he was looking for more feed and got stuck in the bucket.....but it didnt scare him....he just stood what do i do now???? Laughed so hard seeing him just stand there.. 

Here is a more current picture of DD. Her horns have really grown ALOT!!!!

Here is a current pic of Phantom....she is filling out nice also....

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  1. they are so pretty! all that land and trees are beautiful too ;)