Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Shocking" Experience

Busy week almost behind me..Thank Goodness!!! Had TONS of labs drawn... 2 MRI's....and today...well it was the last of the tests for now. Had an EMG done, and let me just say...i was terribly worried about the needle in the muscle part, but that was NOT the worst part. The shocks they give you...the Dr said, it will feel like touching a "little doggie fence" well the first ones were ok, then it went downhill from there...IT WAS AWFUL!!!!!!! Friend and I wanted to ask him what kind of dog are you keeping in that fence? Cause it wasnt like any hot wire fence I've ever touched.... 10 times worse. And he saved the biggest and worse one for last. It jolted me BAD. Think I came off the table some. My friend that went with me said she was waiting for my fist to go flying..Dont think it didnt cross my mind!!! Whew...I was sooo glad it was over with!!
Now, the waiting begins....hopefully they will figure out what is wrong!

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  1. i didn't know you were having health problems! sorry you had such a bad experience :(