Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Well i decided to post on this blog again. I miss just being able to write anything down somewhere....Lots of Changes at our house, slowly getting the remodeling done...yipee!!!....and i mean S L O W L Y!!!! :o) We no longer have our goats. After my daisy passed away, i decided to get rid of them all. And it has been sooo much easier not to worry about them all the time. My bottle baby calf, Duke is doing well, and growing...he is so sweet!! Since we no longer have the goats, well i just cant have an empty we bought us two registered longhorn heifers..... they are soo gentle, will eat out of your hand. Their names are DD and Phantom. The man we bought them from in Centerville had named them already. We have had them about 3 months now i guess, their horns have grown alot, and they are adjusting well. :o)

This is Phantom, I think she is soo pretty.....she is more tame than the other one, the other one has a little more spunk in her...

This is DD, or Double dip is her registered name, she is my favorite out of the two, of course i would choose the spunky one...  ;o)

Well thats that for now, just thought i would write on here a bit. Let people know i am still out here...            
I am getting two more heifers this week, a solid red one and a black one.  Ill post some pics when we get them here.  Bye yall!!!!!!!


  1. i was wondering where you went!! your cows are so pretty...i like the spotted one ;)

  2. i was just thinking about you this weekend! i even told danielle "jolie's not blogging anymore." i was just about to email you to see if you were ok! your cows are beautiful--i can see the spunk in the spotted one!
    i look forward to more posts (hint, hint) :)

  3. Thanks yall, i have missed seeing yall's posts but just havent been up to writing anything...feeling better now...My new girls are coming today at 3, i cant wait to see them, the man said they have been weaned and are eating practically out of his hand. And the red one he says is just a sweetheart. I will take some pic if i can get my camera working good....
    well good to hear from yall...
    love ya!