Monday, May 17, 2010

Visit with Grandparents...

Had a good visit with Mama Jeanne and Grandaddy today,sooo worried bout him, so sad to see him not feeling well, and poor Mama Jeanne is soo worn out, but despite it all we had a really nice visit today. Managed to get him to smile at us a few times for some pics (probably laughing at the camera man...hehehe carl) We will cherish them forever! 


  1. sweet sweet grandaddy! it breaks my heart to see him feeling so bad :(

  2. those are really good pictures. so sad to see him like that though when we know how he used to be :(

  3. I agree with is terribly sad to see him like this, miss the good ol' days makin banana ice cream, they made the best!!!! And them takin us all to get cowboy hats...Yall remember that?? I have pics of me and dandy in ours, dont know if sue sue was with us or not..? hmmmmmm gotta find the pics..... :o)