Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Thoughts for Thursday.....

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.”
~Anthony Brandt

My thoughts for Thursday…
I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately. When I was younger, playing with cousins….a lot of fun times, and mischievous ones too… Sooo many good times with them… (Love yall!!!) Makes me sad that we haven’t kept in touch, but there is always time to change that. Maybe things will change. Been thinking about who we have lost, on my mom’s side of the family…first my granny dorris…which was an enormous one for me personally…I loved her like no body’s business…then we lost my granddaddy dorris…another devastation… they were such good people….then my uncle (mom’s brother) tragically left us. That just really hit too close to home. I feel really sad for my mom she has NO family left of her original family.. :o(

Then we lost both my husbands parents with in 3 months of each other. Very shocking about them, and devastating. I truly thought of them as another set of parents.. they welcomed me into their family with open arms…Guess current situations make you rethink about things and start making you think of people more. I just miss everyone we still have and everyone we have lost. Well that was kinda a dreary post, sorry bout that…Oh well, that’s what these things are for right?????? Have a good Thursday.


  1. i love that quote. i have actually used it a few times in a scrapbook. it was so nice to have everyone together and i'm so glad we got a group picture! it's so easy to drift off since everyone is so busy--hopefully that won't happen again. i would like to see you guys more than once every few years!! love ya!

  2. it was so great to see everybody on saturday! and i saw gina and russ at schmaltz today so she got to see sadie! i've got such good memories of all of us growing up...we'll have to see each other more often ;)

  3. What a sweet post! So glad we could all get together! I miss our good times! Such precious memories we have...we just need to make more!