Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Beautiful Grandparents

Here is a beautiful pic of my grandparents, grandaddy isnt doing very well,  It is so incredibly sad that he has to be sick, cause he NEVER sat down for very long... he was always working. He is a wonderful granddaddy....Its hard to see him not out there working somewhere like old times....I love you grandaddy!!!!


  1. That's a great shot of them! Grandaddy still looks good. Still praying for him.

  2. hi! i got your sweet comment! i would love for you to follow my little blog...mainly just pics of sadie :) we think she's just precious and so much fun. hugs to you! miss you!

  3. hi jolie! just saw your comment on my blog--would love for you to follow me! i called to talk to mama jeanne and grandaddy this morning and i was just thinking about you. hope you are doing well--love seeing the beautiful pictures of your land & animals! i miss not seeing you--hope to see you soon. love ya!