Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday's Activities

Sunday started slow, for me at least, Carl is always up with the chickens, literally...i finally got up and decided to document our day... went up to the front of the driveway to water my new Knockout Rose bush...Cant wait till it takes hold...so i decided to take a pic of the pretty view looking down the driveway.

Our Front Entrance

Pics of our new door not done with putting up siding yet, but is coming along... 

Here is another shot of the new door and on the right the new windows we
put in, just have to finish doing the siding, then "my favorite" painting...eek

Watching Carl "hack" the Hackberry trees they will be gone this summer, yipee!!!!

Here is ANOTHER tree that fell, but the good thing is it is oak, so BBQ here we come!!!!

A shot of the trees we have planted, the tiny one is from my grandparents pecan tree. :o)

A closer shot of that wonderful pecan tree....

Here is another tree we got from Mama Jeanne/Grandaddy's Pecan Trees, hoping they thrive so my kids or grandkids can enjoy them as much as we all have through out the years.... bring on the pecans...yea i know, it will be a while...  :o(
"Ohh she's got the camera i gotta pose!"
Here is another shot of the big pecan, and of course, Eagle saw me taking pics as you can see in the next pic he is a ham...

Here is his "pose"  and the tree....
And final picture, we found these two babies sunday morning, this mama was determined to hatch some eggs, after a while we finally let her and here she is breaking up the feed for her little babies, she is so proud.

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